Sustainability and Better Health: SAFE Gardens


SAFE believes in sustainability--our community groups should continue existing no matter what happens to SAFE, and should become so self-sufficient that they operate in all sorts of capacities outside of their work with SAFE. To facilitate this goal and to ensure that they can fund their activities, SAFE works with community groups to develop income-generating activities that also address major maternal and child health problems, like malnutrition.


Each community group develops its own priorities, which we do our best to honor, but all 11 of them to date have included a SAFE garden. Common features of the garden projects include:

  • Nutritious Foods: We do not support planting the high-calorie, low-nutrient foods that are a staple of Ugandan diet (corn, casava, etc.). Instead, we focus on highly nutritious foods, such as passion fruit, eggplant, tomato, and sweet potato.
  • Organic: When farmers use pesticide in Uganda, they usually do not have the protective gear or materials to do so properly and expose themselves to chemicals that have very negative health effects when they spray. As such, SAFE helps the groups to learn about organic pest treatment.
  • Local: All of our community groups in a given region work together. SAFE facilitates the most knowledgeable member getting extra training in maximizing crop production, and helps the groups buy certain materials in bulk and sell produce as a co-operative. This maximizes profits and minimizes expenses, which means more income to sustain each group's maternal health focused activities!
  • Incorporates Education: All SAFE community groups receive nutrition education, both during maternal and child health training and during community garden development.



45% of children in a SAFE survey of rural parts of the East Central Region were moderately to severely malnourished.



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