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SAFE believes in sustainability--our community groups should continue existing no matter what happens to SAFE, and should become so self-sufficient that they operate in all sorts of capacities outside of their work with SAFE. To facilitate this goal and to ensure that they can fund their activities, SAFE works with community groups to develop income-generating activities that also address major maternal and child health problems, like malnutrition.


Each community group develops its own priorities, which we do our best to honor, but many of them have developed animal projects, including chickens and goats and may soon include a cow. Common features of the garden projects include:

  • Good Breed: We are very intentional in purchasing a good breed of animal; goats are milk-producing goats (instead of being small meat goats or large meat goats) and chickens include those that are good for eggs and those that are good for meat.
  • Veterinary Care: Animals need veterinary care in order to stay healthy, but most people can't afford it. SAFE animal projects usually include veterinary care for a specified period of time (6 months - 2 years depending on the project), inclusive of the medications necessary to ensure good animal health.
  • Local: All of our animals are purchased locally, which allows us to choose our own, healthy animals and to add to the local economy.
  • Sustainable in the Long Term: All SAFE community groups that receive animals also agree to share a minimum number of the offspring with other SAFE community groups, thereby passing on the gift and ensuring greater sustainability across all SAFE groups.


We currently have 11 existing community groups and are launching in a new community this fall, which should double our number. We would welcome your support funding animals for community group sustainability and improved nutrition! Check out the options below (starting at $5!), or look at gifts and other project sponsorship opportunities at the SAFE store.


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